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is a recently founded dance, fire arts and music collective inspired by medieval Europe and La Convivencia. Songs and dances from the golden age of Islam and Judaism, Christian musician kings, visionary saints, anonymous minstrels and street performers. Aljamía takes you on a journey to a forgotten and erased pastof multiculturalism, wisdom and beauty. We will take you on a medieval journey throughout centuries andcontinents. Together as a collective, we bring to the stage a Dance & Fire show, with live music.

Andsome Friends

is a vocal group performing original compositions and arrangements. Whether a suite of Irish slip jigs with witty Australian lyrics, a traditional chorus song, jazz number, or a mash up of 1960s tv themes, our music has something for almost every taste. We’re people who have songs



Winners at the 2022 Australian Folk Music Awards, Austral are a high-energy, four-piece Australian tunes band combining didgeridoo, Irish pipes, high energy fiddling, journeying songs and energetic foot percussion. Whether you see them on stage or at the session afterward, Austral will get your festival going. HUP!

Baggage & Stuff

These gleeful geezers were fused from popular Sydney groups Men With Day Jobs (past KVFF favourites) and Aubrey & Purton – joining up in 2017, though some have collaborated for 50+ years!  All sing, play and write prolifically. Individually/variously they’ve delighted hundreds of venues and festivals.

The Beez

A yodellin´, thigh slappin’, lederhosen wettin´ dancefest of German flavoured music and comedy. Thrill to comic classics from Rammstein to Kraftwerk; tear off that dirndl and shake a tailfeather to teutonified Oz Rock classics from Oils to Icehouse but, most of all, be entertained- that´s an order!

Benji and the Saltwater Sound System

fuse pacific flavours with jazz, reggae, world folk and African roots to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies. Add to this the beautifully poignant lyrics that Ben has become known for and you can't help but expect something special from this line-up.

Black Joak Morris

In the dark days of 2004, the Australian Morris dancing scene was capering toward a doleful grave. When Lo! Black Joak Morris was born. A wailing infant crying for a small beer, come to revive the old dances and imbue them with vigour and youthfulness. With their distinctive bells and ribbons, they perform at festivals far and wide, drinking beer and spreading cheer.

Blighty's revenge

Not your bog standard builders tea! Our seriously good dance band invites you to step out to newly composed dances and a few old favourites from the dance halls of Canberra and beyond. This is Ceilidh dancing with an English accent where the new and old collide to bring frolicking good fun. Dance to some of the latest tunes coming out of the UK dance scene. Madness and mayhem is mandatory!

The Blues Preachers

will take you to another place and time, somewhere between 1920 and 1940. They perform a fusion of good old blues, rags, gospel and hillbilly folk. Driving finger-style and slide-guitar combined with tasteful harmonica and old-school vocal harmonies create a traditional sound that will have you on the edge of your seats.

Brodie Buttons

is a true Australian character who lives and breathes folk music traditions in his daily life. Pulling old songs and new from a camp by the river with a voice scratchy but sure, his songs distill an essence of our land that has been largely drowned out by the hum of progress and modernity.

Buck & Deanne

A harmony duo with two plucky acoustic guitars that connects audiences with the roots of country, folk and down-home blues. They collaborate on original material as well as placing their own quirky arrangements on some timeless covers.

The Bush Music Club

will host join-in sessions of Australian collected songs and tunes. Song/tune books supplied.

Casuarina Light Phenomenon

is George, Tegan and friends. They are a product of where they have walked, picking up pieces of the world’s music on their journeys, ranging from South American influence, Fijian reggae to good old fashioned 70s folk & rock. The toe tapping team with their rhythm and rhymes stir nostalgic feelings of light and happy times.

Cherry MaMalade

Jackee B, a singer/songwriter; along with the band Cherry MaMalade play a selection of groovy, fun and quirky dance tunes, along with some sole searching story telling through their lyrics and arrangements.


Chloe and Jason Roweth

have been researching and presenting the living tradition of Australian music for over twenty-five years, forging unique combinations of music, poetry and folklore. They bring you powerful and delicate songs, room stopping recitations, seamless combinations of new and old Australian material presented with easy and confident warmth from the stage.

The ChOOks

are 2 feisty Melbourne birds, Wendy Ealey & Moira Tyers. They’re a multi-instrumentalist duo who have been collaborating since 2005 playing to audiences across Australia- in true troubadour tradition they continue ruffling their musical feathers up the Hume Highway to bring you folk,blues n golden standards. Come along- promise you won’t be disappointed!

Dela Ensemble

is a Persian classical music band, whose the aim is to introduce the traditional/classical music of Iran. This music relies on both improvisation and composition and is based on a series of modal scales and tunes. Compositions can vary immensely from start to finish.


Daniel J Townsend

An AFMA-nominated storysinger, celebrated poet and award-winning educator, Townsend has a head full of stories, a soul old enough to have lived them and a heart young enough to believe in their power to move us.

Diva and the Harp with Milo

Come on an evocative and entertaining musical journey with Diva and The Harp plus Milo and be wooed into the land of love and romance. Kim Hair’s soulful vocals and theatrical stage presence, the international skill of accordionist Milo Brosh and the versatility of harpist Moira Lawry bring all the flavours of Paris to the village of Kangaroo Valley.

The Drifting Doolagahls

Is a 6 piece Koori band established in 2012 from the South Coast of NSW, playing a deadly mix of covers & originals.


Felicity Dowd

has always believed a song is only as good as its story. A full-time troubadour emerging from the Far South Coast, Felicity uses her acoustic performances to tell stories of the world around her. Inspired by an eclectic and ever-changing landscape of influences, her music is diverse, drifting between the boundaries of genre. Don’t miss seeing this young storyteller in her element!

George Mann

is a songwriter's folksinger, just as happy singing the songs of his mentors as his own powerful stories. He's a walking jukebox with a strong focus on labour history and songs of struggle, a former union organiser and activist based in New York (USA).


Glenn Skuthorpe

With 7 highly regarded albums and music featured in movies and documentaries such as The Emu Runner and John Pilger’s Utopia, Nhunggabarra, Kooma, Muruwari man and international touring singer-songwriter Glenn Skuthorpe is a powerful lyricist and composer who gives voice to those whose stories must be heard.


Great Aunt

There’s a buzz about Great Aunt: theirs is an eclectic and joyous approach to making music.

Raw and austere, simple and bold; with stomping feet and clapping hands, chants and harmonies, Megan Bird and Chelsea Allen sing stories of joy and grief, whiskey and wine, gratitude and purpose-seeking.


The Humbuckin' Pickups

Wielding guitars, dobros, banjos, double bass and mandolins the quartet will draw you in with their love of storytelling through music, humour and four-part harmony. 


Isabel Rumble

invites listeners into a cocoon of reflection on the subtleties of love, nature and human relationships. Drawing upon a strong folk roots influence, Rumble offers a contemporary sound likened to Laura Marling and Mazzy Star. Isabel released her debut album, Bird Be Brave in March this year. 

Jim Williams

Jim has been teaching Bavarian dancing for over 20 years. He lived in Bavaria, southern Germany, for almost 10 years and has over the years collected dances that are danced in Bavaria on a regular basis.


The crazy cool cats duo, "JOCEAN" from Shellharbour are always super keen to play up a storm. It's a mixed bag of super fun acoustic indie-folk, folk-rock, soul, funk & blues. So strap on your dancin' shoes, hang onto your hats & get ready to stomp & clap!!! They've got the good vibes, & good music times, on tap. 


Joshua Batten

is a modern-day troubadour, using music as his language to connect with his audience. Based in Melbourne, Batten's personal brand of Alternative Roots Rock is characterised by passionate vocals, accomplished guitar playing, layered arrangements and insightful lyrics. Drawing on personal experience, his music provides both an escape and perspective in a complex world.

Kira Dowling & Stringfiddle

Scottish Country Dance Workshop with Kira Dowling and Stringfiddle. Come and experience the fun of Scottish Country Dancing!  This introductory workshop will include dances to delight both newer and more experienced dancers alike.  Experienced Scottish Country Dance teacher Kira Dowling will lead you through reels and jigs with brilliant tunes played by Bob McInnes and Jane Ellis of Stringfiddle. 


Lucky Jim

is a Canberra-based musician, storyteller and teacher specialising in music for Primary aged children and their families. His live performances are full of toe-tapping tunes, ridiculous stories, imaginative lyrics and general silliness.

Luke O’Shea

Somewhere between John Williamson and Midnight Oil you will find the 16 x Golden Guitar recipient – Luke O’Shea - carrying on the ancient tradition of singing up country! Luke proves to be a powerful link between the old and new, a master storyteller who draws inspiration from the heartbreaking and the humorous.

Margaret & Bill Winnett

simply love dancing and teaching Irish dancing. Margaret has been Irish dancing since 1957 and Bill since 1964. They have travelled to Ireland almost yearly since 1989, researching and collecting the dances they teach. Their workshops are fun filled and informative and have everyone enjoying themselves and ready to join in at the Céilí.

Matt Joe Gow & Kerryn Fields

With multiple awards to their names and thousands of miles between them, Matt Joe Gow and Kerryn Fields are bonafide masters of their craft who share a natural chemistry as songwriters and fellow troubadours. No matter where they are, Aotearoa is firmly at the heart of the music they create, their connection to home and one another gives depth to their storytelling and their songs, a sense of place and purpose.

Mayfair Lane

consists of couple Rhys and Esther Duursma who combined individual projects to explore an indie-folk sound together. Their sweet harmonies, crafted story-songs and inviting folk style make this married couple a duo worth listening to and journeying with.

Maypole with Molly

enjoy sharing music and dance with kids. Their interactive and energetic dance sessions encompass music from Mozart along with Austrian influences from accordionist Erika Cleaver (Molly). Adults are invited to join the kids to create intricate ribbon patterns around the maypole or play percussion. No experience needed!


Intricate guitar and rich sonic piano-scapes form the basis of this group’s original music. Their Americana and Celtic roots are a subtle aftertaste in their thoughtful explorations of love, loss and the human connection. Laura’s “spine-tingling” compositions combine with Susie’s “beautiful sound full of storytelling” and results in their truly unique sound. 


Mischa Vickas

is a Sydney-based folk and country musician. He pulls together a three-octave vocal range, guitar, clawhammer banjo and harmonica to croon high lonesome weepers, forgotten outlaw gems and late-night cattle calls. He draws on songs from a library of traditional and modern Americana, as well as a growing collection of original music.


Mudjingaal Yangamba Choir


Mudjingaal Yangamba means Spirit Singing in Dhurga, one of the original languages spoken on the South Coast. Mudjingaal Yangamba is a Koori women's choir revitalising language through song. It brings together Elders, Aunties sisters and young ones, embracing traditional Aboriginal language through music and song. 

The Other Noonans

blend political satire, parody, environmental justice and more with harmony and musicality. Oh and they're both blind so don't expect any dancing! What you can expect however is humour, banter, contemporary and trad folk combined with snarky originals. Ever heard Kesha done folk style? You will.


Paul Greene

Veteran artist Paul Greene has not only accumulated a quiver of albums, classic songs and enviable collaborations, he has also found THE people to make music with live and this in itself has been worth the wait. 

Paverty Bush Band

With its distinctive, creative and entertaining presentation, Paverty is one of Australia’s leading folk/bush bands. Fresh from winter hibernation Pavs features strong vocals and a sellout season at the Yarralumla Woolshed, Pavs call and teach bush dances from expert level to complete novices as well as kids dances for the younger folk. Always a fun musical night with the Pavs.


Rheinberger & Wilson

are a unique musical comedy duo - a real life couple who perform razor-sharp songs about modern life and love. It’s “musical couples therapy” as they work out their relationship problems live on stage.


Riley & Leanne

will perform original songs that are woven together with didge, guitar, piano and song.


Rob Barratt

is a brain-tickling, word-mangling comic poet, humourist and singer from the UK who combines clever word play, verse and song with satire, parody and audience participation, covering such important topics as squid, data-driven education, his relationship with potatoes and distressed furniture.


Sally Andrews

will be singing historical ballads and original songs accompanied by her accordion. Through songs of lament, war and exile, this performance will walk you through the stories of the great queens of Scottish and English history, from the triumphs of Elizabeth I to the tragedy of the Nine Days’ Queen. 


Youth musicians (about 8 – 18) experienced to beginners, bring your instruments and come and have some fun learning Australian tunes and songs, or learn some percussion. Expert tutors will be there to help you no matter what level you play at. Music available or play by ear. 

Sapphire Tribal Belly Dance

Dazzling swords, swirling skirts, fans, baskets and more – Sapphire Tribal presents a colourful and dynamic bellydance showcase.  Music is from around the world, extravagant costumes reflecting this global mix. The set will include a blend of choreographed and improvised pieces including sword, basket, fans, shawl tambourine and sassy skirt.

Savoy Dance Canberra 

are absolutely thrilled to be at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival for the first time in 2023! Cathie and Adam of Savoy Dance are the most experienced swing dance teachers the nation’s capital have to offer. Each teacher has been swing dancing and teaching for 20 years, and have travelled extensively to learn from the best around Australia and the world. They have a passion for bringing fun and laughs into their classes. Light hearted and upbeat classes are what you can expect, with just the right level of technique to ensure you feel informed and challenged. 

Swing Dancing is,high energy, musical, creative, joyful l, exhilarating, and most importantly, accessible. Lindy Hop and Charleston were the most popular dances of the Jazz Era, and we will give you a taste of these across our two lessons. 

Please jump on into our classes this weekend - all are welcome - no partner required! Your enjoyment is our priority!


Set in their Ways

is a fun-loving bunch of enthusiastic Irish Set dancers from Canberra. We are keen to share our passion for the dance  style with festival audiences.  We will provide an experience that is a combination of a display and participatory workshop rolled into one. It will feature the wonderfully infectious rhythms of Irish music. Not to be missed!

Timothy Nelson

Timothy Nelson (WA) is a multi-award winning singer/songwriter, who’s 2016 album “Words Like Young” was hailed by as a “brilliant solo debut”, and Rolling Stone as ”a wonderfully personal, yet inviting release”. Blending 70s folk rock with 90’s power pop, Nelson has performed all over Australia, the USA and Japan, supporting the likes of Parquet Courts (US), Drugdealer (US) and Ron Sexmith (CAN). His upcoming album “Debaser Tapes” is set to drop mid 2024.



Singing Shoalhaven sisters Joy, Robin and Kathy Sharpe present their Peter Paul and Mary tribute. Half performance, half audience singalong, the show features the best loved and most well known classics from PPM, delivered with Trilogy's signature vocal harmonies.

Tripple Effect

is an award-winning acoustic folk trio comprising sisters Carrie and Lynden Jacobi with Len McCarthy. Using guitars, ukuleles, mandolin, banjo, bodhran, recorder and sweet harmonies, their repertoire is informed by their backgrounds of activism in contemporary social and environmental issues, as well as songs of humour and heart.

Tuck Shop Ladies

The triceps ain’t what they used to be, but the funny bone has only gotten sharper. Strapping on a pair of ukuleles, Australian folk music darlings Sam Lohs and Rosie Burgess pull back the curtain to share an intimate selection of their often ridiculous, but always harmonious songs.


We Mavericks

Masterful strings meet captivating vocals and barefoot rhythm, all in a wild and fascinating connection. With echoes of soulful Americana and Celtic roots in their gritty, evocative material, We Mavericks bring award-winning musicianship wrapped in a trademark tightness.

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