The fabulous performers from KVFF 2016:

1916 Easter Uprising

On Easter Monday 1916, Irish republicans occupied the Dublin GPO and staged a rebellion against the occupying British Government. Although seemingly the ‘triumph of failure’, their actions inspired the establishment of the Republic of Ireland.  Join Johnny Spillane, Rita Woolhouse, Miffy Ryan, Judy Stubbs, Maurie O’Sullivan and Eklektika in their widely acclaimed performance celebrating the 100 Year Anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising through music, poetry and song.

The Acfields

Sibling folk/pop duo The Acfields combine perfect harmonies and inspirational songwriting with a dash of cheekiness. Bound by two gorgeous voices that have spent many a childhood car trip harmonizing with each other, sibling songsters Dan and Hannah Acfield have been aptly described as “the ying to each other’s yang”.

Adam Jorgensen

Adam plays a mixture of blues/rock on acoustic guitar and vocals. He is influenced by many artists including John Mayer, The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton.

Benji & the Saltwater Sound System

Benji and the Saltwater Sound System draws upon Benji’s recent immersion in islander flavours fused with the reggae and African roots of its members’ past musical projects to create hypnotic soundscapes underpinned by painfully catchy melodies. Add to this the beautifully poignant lyrics that Benji has become known for and you can’t help but expect something special from this new line-up.

Black Joak Morris

Black Joak Morris performs the traditional folk dancing of the bucolic English Cotswolds. Morris dancing is fresh and varied, friendly and skilled, danced to live music provided by our talented and knowledgeable musicans. The Joakers are an energetic side, who couple athletic display with bright costumes and loud bells to delight and mystify audiences of all ages.

The Bon Scotts

Folk revivalists The Bon Scotts are taking their charismatic and often-boisterous live show on the road again. After crashing a few folk festivals, touring the east coast and taking a much needed winter break, the band has taken some quality time off to put some new songs to tape. With booming drums and drunken sing-alongs, Good Times joyfully remembers making bad decisions, falling in love and getting lost.

Brea Likes To Daydream

Brea Likes to Daydream is children’s show about a regular school girl who uses her imagination as a tool to ‘dream all possibilities’. Each dream is told through song. It is joyful and uplifting.

Cameron Fernie

A keen musician, Cameron has been playing guitar since he was a child.  12 months ago he sang in public for the first time at the Nowra High talent quest and wowed the audience.  He took out the first prize in the recent Shoalhaven Unearthed Competition.  You will be captivated by his earthy unaffected singing style.


Sydney sextet Chaika are sensuous, cinematic and irresistibly danceable. Their music is a rich tapestry of spine-tingling vocal harmonies that weave seamlessly into instrumental dialogues, drawing influence from the Balkans and jazz. Described as “deeply touching and meditative” as well as “exuberant, virtuosic and uplifting”, their members have written for and performed with artists such as Monsieur Camembert, Mara! & the Martenitsa Choir, Riley Lee, The Rhythm Hunters and The Song Company. Together they create music of spellbinding beauty and exhilarating energy.
“It is easy to be enchanted” – The Australian
“Mesmerising… Extraordinary” ★★★★ – Fine Music FM

Chloe & Jason Roweth

Chloe & Jason Roweth (vocals, guitar, mandolin) work with vibrant arrangements of new and old traditional Australian ballads and work songs, early country music, original music, poetry, yarns, and dance tunes, drawing explicit thematic connections between pieces to tell a larger story.

Danny Spooner

Danny Spooner is respected internationally as a singer of traditional & contemporary folk songs of the British Isle & Australia accompanying himself with a concertina or guitar.

Fiona Ross

Highly regarded as a fine interpreter of Scots song, Fiona’s singing style represents the essence of the tradition. Mentored by esteemed tradition bearer Andrew Hunter, her wide repertoire draws in songs from the breadth of the Scots song canon. Fiona’s strong yet sensitive singing is complemented by the enchanting accompaniment of renowned, Melbourne-based, clàrsach (Scottish harp) player Michelle Burton.

Fresh Off The Boat

What do you get when you ask a Canadian, an Irishman, a Kiwi, and a couple of Aussie blokes to play traditional Irish music? With a broad range of instrumentation, Fresh Off the Boat brings you music from everywhere the Irish call home. Join us for jigs, reels, shanties, ballads, airs, and a few surprises too!


Contemporary country singer/songwriter, Marie Le Brun is one of the most captivating young composers and under discovered musicians in the Sydney scene. Marie is joined by accordionist Luke Sweeting and vocalist Bonnie Stewart. Marie weaves her incredibly meaningful poetry into memorable sound and story complimented by Taylor’s ethereal vocals and Luke’s rich sweeping textures and lyrical counterpoints.

Good Tunes

David De Santi has been accumulating ‘good’ tunes for over 30 years and wants to share them! Be ready for a musical tour around Australia, Italy, Quebec, Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Ireland, England and beyond! Sheet music available or use your ear to join in…

The Hellands

Brothers Sven and Leif, and sister Sigrid are back with a fresh sense of vivacity, zeal and immaturity that only comes with age. Putting the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional and the ‘bling’ in sibling, these three will take you on a journey through their traditional and original folk stories.

The Honey Drippin’ Mudskippers

Bona fide pre-war Hokumbilly Jug Music: the Mudskippers will have your toes a-tappin’ with their special blend of Ragtime, Swing and Jugband tunes and songs.

Horse & Wood

John and Bukhu first performed at Jenolan Caves in January 2012 in a sell out show underground with the most amazing acoustics as part of the Music of the World Concert and workshop series presented by Music Hunter Projects, and have since performed at the Sydney Opera House, Cygnet folk Festival, National Folk Festival Canberra, MONA Museum in Hobart, Festival of the Wind in Bondi and in Sydney’s world music and Jazz venues,as well as many other events and festivals around Australia.

The Humphreys

The Humphreys is a band of fun-loving musical fellows. Steve McClure (guitar), Richard Coterill (double bass), Claudio Iacono (mandolin), John Nicholls (percussion) and Humph David D Bear De Santi (accordion) create a fusion of blues, folk and trad. The lads are venturing into songs from Richard Thompson (Waltzing’s for Dreamers), Steve Earle’s Galway Girl, Bob Dylan songs, Cajun and some original songs! Get ready for a musical stroll through woods! BYO honey and do not feed the Bears!







InspeKtor Gadje

Traditional folk music from the balkans and many original tunes written by the band here in Nowra, much of it infuenced by the music of the Roma.

Jade Taunton

Though only 17, Jade has been singing for 13 years and playing guitar for 3. She is influenced by Lady Antebellum, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Ed Sheeran.

Jane Thompson & James Rigby

Delightful, insightful, warm and engaging, Jane’s pure singing voice and award-winning song-writing combined with James’ sensitive rhythm guitar and strong harmonies, capture the essence of Australia’s heart and soul, landscape and humanity.

Jez Lowe

With the announcement of a double nomination in the 2015 BBC Folk Awards (Folksinger of the Year and Best Song), Jez Lowe strides through his third decade as a song-writing troubadour, on the back of a new and much acclaimed album – his 19th – entitled THE BALLAD BEYOND.

Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Show

Joe Flower & Harmony Breeze are a trippy hippy couple straight out of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury district circa 1967. With their friends Rose of Cimarron, Yossarian and Billy Shears they perform 60s classics in their own far out and groovy way that leaves audiences on a real high. If you lend them your ears, you too will find yourself magically transported back to the era that most people can’t even remember.

John Littrich & The Water Runners

John Littrich and the Water Runners play their own brand of music with elements of contemporary folk, bluegrass and Australiana. They like to tell stories about the South Coast and hope to move the feet and the heart.

Julien Joel Clement

French-born Julien Joel Clement is known for his work as lead singer and guitarist in gypsy pop high-octane band Belle Jar. As a solo artist, Julien channels his energy in a singer-songwriter style mixing world music, blues and folk influences, building a relationship with the audience with his no-holds-barred on-stage presence.


Kangaleles are a community group of singers and musicians, playing at fund raisers and festivals. We perform a style of 60s/70s music that many in the audience can sing and dance to.

Kiki & Pascal

The Kiki and Pascal show is the funniest love story of all time. The journey of this unlikely couple is wrapped around a show full of beautifully diverse skills, singing, juggling, contortion, interactive comedy, acrobatics and a surprise magical ending. The Kiki and Pascal show is a rom-com stand up variety that is best watched sitting down, with outrageous interactive situations and genuine originality. BUT, as talented as they are, that is all secondary to how damn funny and entertaining the show is. Don’t miss it because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t know how to explain it.

Kiki Bittovabitsch

Kazadorian Comedy Princess

“Kiki Bittovabitsch – she’s flirtatious, outrageous, monstrous, hilarious…in short, she’s bitchin’ brilliant.” – Anne-Louise Rentell Artistic Associate Merringong Theatre.

The Great Dave

The Great Dave’s speciality is mixing high level circus skills with character and comedy, creating a show with a broad appeal that not only “wows” the audience but engages them, inviting them into his world. His signature trick is the “rarely performed outside of The Chinese State Circus’ act of crockery manipulation” – kicking cups, saucers and then a spoon from his foot to a balanced stack atop his head…whilst riding a 6 foot unicycle! There are literally only a handful of people in the world performing this trick and it never fails to bring genuine gasps of amazement from the audience.

The Littlest Fox

The Littlest Fox’s earthy acoustic tones and enchanting harmonies bring to life stories from Western Australia. The Littlest Fox have been credited for their absorbing vocal harmonies and story telling. Embracing their heritage, the duo have brought to life forgotten tales of shipwrecks, bush rangers, prison breaks and home grown heroes. With a handful of instruments under their belt, the girls always give a passionate, intimate performance with endearing stage banter to leave you feeling like old friends.

Margaret and Bob Fagan

Margaret and Bob began their musical journey in Canberra in the 60s and are favourites at Australia’s major festivals, both as a duo and with their family band ‘The Fagans’. Their strong blend of politically-edged traditional and contemporary songs, lyrical ballads and great choruses has ensured their popularity here and overseas.

Mark Cryle & Carmel Newman

This guitar/fiddle/vocal duo deliver a rich blend of traditional Celtic tunes and songs blended with Mark’s highly-acclaimed song writing. Music for the head, the heart and for the feet, they will dazzle you with their rich musicality and keep any crowd engaged, entertained, singing along and baying for more.

Martyn Wyndham-Read

Martyn Wyndham-Read is an English folk singer, notable as a collector and singer of Australian folk songs. He lived and worked in Australia from 1960 to 1967 and has been a regular visitor to the country since then.

Michael Waugh

Michael Waugh gives a profound new voice to the Australian experience. His insightful storytelling cuts to the emotional heart of everyday life. A unique, intelligent and emotionally charged performer, Waugh has been compared to the honesty and power of Australian folk and country legends, Mick Thomas, Paul Kelly and John Williamson. He is uniquely Australian and genuine.

Paul Greene & The Other Colours

Huskisson singer songwriter & Producer Paul Greene has been a trailblazer on the Australian music scene. He Released his first album in 2000. his 8th, and most recent release came out in 2014, after his album ‘behind the Stars’ album was an ARIA finalist in 2012. Not bad for a self managed, independent artist.

The Rhythm Hunters

Adored for frenetic physical drum choreographies Rhythm Hunters have a decade of honing a musical style that visually captivates audiences with blood origins in the folk culture of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Travel from the steamy jungles of Australasia to the radical beats of cyber culture and beyond.

Ruido Indy Flamenco

RUIDO is the wild child of contemporary Australian flamenco.
There are no barriers in this amazing troupe: the musicians get up and dance, and the dancers sing and play! Their show is an explosion of colour and passion that fills your senses. RUIDO create gypsy ballads and tapping tunes for their evocative performances.

Sam Buckingham

Sam Buckingham has an uncanny ability of putting the most complex of human emotions into a single, simple song. With intimate storytelling and a strong wisdom supporting her tender hearted vocals, Buckingham will spark wonder and ignite the heart.

The Somedays

The Somedays have a lot to offer from their breathtaking emotional heartfelt ballads to their high energy fusion of folk, gypsy, pop, ska and lots in between. Their songs have been described as “feel good fun songs” and their performance as “a high energy tight and entertaining band”  and often find their hook laden songs being sung to at their first listen. Definitely one not to be missed.

String Theories

String Theories are James Church (dobro/vocals), Glenn Skarratt (guitar/mandolin/vocals) and Simon Watts (violin/viola/vocals). Together, they form an acoustic trio unbound by genre. Though their instruments suggest bluegrass, their music crosses borders between folk, bluegrass, americana, jazz, celtic and classical.

The Strumpets

We are a local band of musicians from the Jervis Bay area in coquettish costumes performing a mixture of originals and covers – some following the theme of our raunchy name, others extolling our environmental ethos.

Tia Juana & the Cazbah

Folk singer meets Rock Chick in a musical hot pot of familiar and original tunes. Be seduced by sweet sounds, folk tales of woe and the occasional tortured rock riff. Singer-songwriters, Tia Juana & the ‘Cazbah’ combine accordion, guitar, music and comedy in an entertaining cosmos of sound.



Shoalhaven singing sisters, Trilogy (Joy, Kathy and Robin Sharpe) are joined by Jen Saunders to present the ever popular sixties singalong session featuring all your favourite songs from the grooviest of decades.


Tulalah is a nine-piece outfit hailing from Melbourne. Incorporating elements of folk, jazz, rock & cinematic influence, they strive to create a sound that is far beyond the expanse of their instrumentation. Tulalah’s debut LP, ‘The Flood’ was released in October of 2015 to high praise and critical acclaim, dubbed as “a little bit Charles Stepney, a little bit Pentangle, a little bit folky, soul, jazz, fabulous stuff!” (Gilles Peterson – BBC Radio 6)

The Willie Wagtails

The Willie Wagtails are an old-time ocker jazz band who seek to make connections with Australian history, landscape and politics in their songwriting. They write energetic, discordant folk-jazz songs that smell distinctly like the bush, and they are sure to captivate you with stories of solar panels, creek-side rendezvous and Geoffrey Rush. Good for a raucous dance, their foot stomping rhythm is better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick!