Performers at KVFF 2017

Here’s a taste – lots more to come!


“Ask for forgiveness not for permission. No rules, no limits. The closest to punk the Blues & Folk will ever get. Raucous and manic.”
“One of the most exciting riff and groove based blues and roots acts
emerging from the east coast of OZ!”- Tone Deaf
“These guys are sick!” – Ash Grunwald
“Who the hell is this guy? He definitely has the talent!” – Ian Moss
“Definitely a guitarist to watch!” – Australian Guitar Magazine

Black Joak Morris

Black Joak Morris performs the traditional folk dancing of the bucolic English Cotswolds. Morris dancing is fresh and varied, friendly and skilled, danced to live music provided by our talented and knowledgeable musicans. The Joakers are an energetic side, who couple athletic display with bright costumes and loud bells to delight and mystify audiences of all ages.

Chloe & Jason Roweth

Chloë & Jason Roweth bring you the songs, poems and yarns of the kitchen, the verandah, the shearer’s huts, and the local pub. Pieces are tied together musically and thematically, music running under poems and expanding into songs, weaving together and driving forward diverse threads of the Australian tradition.


Weaving meaningful poetry into memorable sound and story, Giffen sing wistful songs of family, unrequited love and folk music. Rooted in folk traditions with a contemporary flavour, Giffen feature rich multi-layer harmonies, fiddle, guitar,mandolin, bowed double bass, sweeping accordion textures and beautifully placed percussion.

Good Tunes

David De Santi has been accumulating ‘good’ tunes for over 30 years and wants to share them! Be ready for a musical tour around Australia, Italy, Quebec, Scotland, Scandinavia, Spain, France, Ireland, England and beyond! Sheet music available or use your ear to join in…

Kiki & Pascal

The Kiki and Pascal show is the funniest love story of all time. The journey of this unlikely couple is wrapped around a show full of beautifully diverse skills, singing, juggling, contortion, interactive comedy, acrobatics and a surprise magical ending. The Kiki and Pascal show is a rom-com stand up variety that is best watched sitting down, with outrageous interactive situations and genuine originality. BUT, as talented as they are, that is all secondary to how damn funny and entertaining the show is. Don’t miss it because everyone will be talking about it, but they won’t know how to explain it.

Kiki Bittovabitsch

Kazadorian Comedy Princess

“Kiki Bittovabitsch – she’s flirtatious, outrageous, monstrous, hilarious…in short, she’s bitchin’ brilliant.” – Anne-Louise Rentell Artistic Associate Merringong Theatre.

The Great Dave

The Great Dave’s speciality is mixing high level circus skills with character and comedy, creating a show with a broad appeal that not only “wows” the audience but engages them, inviting them into his world. His signature trick is the “rarely performed outside of The Chinese State Circus’ act of crockery manipulation” – kicking cups, saucers and then a spoon from his foot to a balanced stack atop his head…whilst riding a 6 foot unicycle! There are literally only a handful of people in the world performing this trick and it never fails to bring genuine gasps of amazement from the audience.

The Northern Folk

Hailing from Albury, NSW and now based in Melbourne, The Northern Folk is a collective of eleven musical ambitionists spreading their unique brand of folk/pop/stomp/rock into the roots of small towns and big cities. Their five-piece brass section and tasteful rhythm section frame their massive vocals featuring multi-layered harmonies.

The Rhythm Hunters

Travel from the steamy jungles of Australasia to the radical beats of cyber culture Rhythm Hunters is stand-alone act, bringing big indo pacific groove machinery, visceral Islamic trance dance and sharp frenetic rhythm vibes.

Ruido Flamenco

Ruido weave their award-winning contemporary flamenco sounds with a honest gypsy tradition. Enter their world where musicians dance and the dancers play! An explosion of colour, movement and passion. Beautiful interpretations of an elusive and magical world.


Shoalhaven singing sisters, Trilogy (Joy, Kathy and Robin Sharpe) are joined by Jen Saunders to present the ever popular sixties singalong session featuring all your favourite songs from the grooviest of decades.








The Trippy Hippy Band

Like a VW Kombi van with The Mamas & The Papas, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, all wailing out of a groovy AM radio, Joe & Harmony’s Trippy Hippy Band takes off at a cool pace with one hand on the good book of revolutionary songs from the 1960s and a third eye on the cosmic gospel of peace and love.