The organisers of  Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival are all volunteers and the festival itself could not operate without the wonderful people who give their time during the weekend of the festival each year.


What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

A minimum of 8 hours volunteer work across the Festival entitles you to:

  • Free season pass

  • Free camping at the showground 

  • Volunteers drinks and BBQ at the end of the Festival

You don't have to be a local so if you if you feel like a musical weekend away in the country's most beautiful valley, then join our team!  

We are still looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • ADMIN  ticket office & entry

  • BAR STAFF  Over 18 and RSA required (available online for $40) Get some experience with us

  • VENUE MANAGERS keep to schedule and liaising with performers, tech crew, audience etc

  • RETAIL  merchandise and raffle ticket sellers

  • TALENT  assisting performers,

  • WASTE WARRIORS  :  helping with recycling and keeping the site clean and safe. 

  • SITE ASSISTANCE:  help set up and decorate the site in the two days prior to the Festival                                    and/or pack down in the days following

Please indicate your job preferences when applying.  Certain jobs are popular and the positions fill quickly, so we cannot guarantee that your preferred job will be available and we may offer you other tasks.  The sooner you get your application to volunteer to us the greater the chance of getting your preferred job and times.  Note that we give preference to applicants who are available for the whole festival  apply here


If you have experience with working with children, let us know in the message box as we may have special jobs associated with the children’s program. Also if you have any medical or other factor that may affect you doing particular jobs, please advise us in the message box.

Volunteers Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at the Kangaroo Valley Folk Festival, we contribute to the success of the Festival by:

  • Exhibiting at all times a positive and friendly approach with the purpose of ensuring Festival attendees and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

  • Promoting the Festival at all times as a fun, interesting and diverse event.

  • Respecting and assisting each other to the best of our ability.

  • Respecting all people we come in contact with regardless of their race, religion, gender, disability, colour or age.

  • Treating all festival goers appropriately, refraining from any abusive, bullying or intimidating behaviour, sexual harassment including any unwanted or unwelcome behaviours

  • Following OH&S practices and policies.

  • Ensuring we are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering.

Still want to volunteer? apply here


Applications close 10 October 2022 or when we have enough volunteers.


If you have any questions, send us an email